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For you secular needs

Somebody please explain, can you help
Me understand; I’ve watched the weather
Radar creep its colours on the screen
And watched out of the window for the band
Of welcome rain. One tells me its raining,
The other looks unchanged.
Are these events connected, are they
Truly one and same? What should I watch
For instance, the radar or the rain?
Before the weather radar
I only watched the sky, my guess was good,
I understood and even knew the reason why
It didn’t rain from thin, high clouds. The radar
Is unfeigned and reflects a different scene,
It claims we’re in the midst of light to moderate rain.
The bureau explanation is the radar cannot see
What falls to ground, but you and me, well that
Needs no explanation – we aren’t wet as yet,
Therefore it doesn’t rain. I’ll take their message
To my trees; I’ll say, “Its raining up in Heaven,
So rejoice, but for your secular needs
I will irrigate today.”

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Poem For you secular needs - Ivan Donn Carswell