Bhaskar Roy Barman

Once on an evening in a desolate place

Far from the madding crowds eternal strife

I stood closeted with the eve-beauty

Manifested around the place,

Exposing myself to the eerie and stifling air

And trying to attune my ears to the bacchanalian fits

Of silence dancing in moonlight.

My eyes darted over to a pond

As big as a lake,

Then bumped into a teenaged girl beckoning

At a figure of a boy bathing in a profusion of moonlight

At a little distance.

The scene had me remember myself sitting at a table

In a crowded restaurant

And a girl the age of the girl yonder near the pond

Treading unescorted her way through the drunken fits

Of many a drunkard ogling at her beauty

Over to a handsome boy sitting at a table near mine

And smiling an intimate smile.

She was fearless of the drunkenness of the drunkards

And the way they are ogling her,

As was the girl yonder near the pond

Of the silence and desolateness of the place.

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