Bhaskar Roy Barman

The scene lacked for the manifestation

Characteristic of a scene.

Though the scene was promised a revealing

A plethora of manifestations that remained over.

In other scenes manifestations reveal themselves

Of necessity when called for.

No messenger from on high did descend

To bestow upon it an afflatus for creation.

It was pining away for its halcyon days

When it got high on the effulgence of kaleidoscope.

Steeped in the varicoloured manifestations of its glory,

It visualized phantoms of youths chanting their way

Up the path of the valley and through the landscape,

Chorusing hymns of love and happiness.

The trees wished the youths had carved the hymns

On their trunks.

Gradually human beings encroached upon the loneliness

And on the precincts of the scene

And bereaved the scene of many of its manifestations.

The plethora of manifestations that remained over promised the scene

They would reveal themselves

If human beings stopped encroaching

On its precincts.

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