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Promise This When You be Dying

Promise This When You be Dying
Some shall summon Me
Mine belong Your latest Sighing
Mine to Belt Your Eye

Not with Coins though they be Minted
From an Emperor’s Hand
Be my lips the only Buckle
Your low Eyes demand

Mine to stay when all have wandered
To devise once more
If the Life be too surrendered
Life of Mine restore

Poured like this My Whole Libation
Just that You should see
Bliss of Death Life’s Bliss extol thro’
Imitating You

Mine to guard Your Narrow Precinct
To seduce the Sun
Longest on Your South, to linger,
Largest Dews of Morn

To demand, in Your low favor
Lest the Jealous Grass
Greener lean Or fonder cluster
Round some other face

Mine to supplicate Madonna
If Madonna be
Could behold so far a Creature
Christ omitted Me

Just to follow Your dear future
Ne’er so far behind
For My Heaven
Had I not been
Most enough denied?

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Poem Promise This When You be Dying - Emily Dickinson