Haiku (Never Published)

Drinking my tea
Without sugar-
No difference.

The sparrow shits
upside down
ah! my brain & eggs

Mayan head in a
Pacific driftwood bole
Someday I’ll live in N. Y.

Looking over my shoulder
My behind was covered
With cherry blossoms.

Winter Haiku
I didn’t know the names
Of the flowers now
My garden is gone.

I slapped the mosquito
And missed.
What made me do that?

Reading haiku
I am unhappy,
Longing for the Nameless.

A frog floating
In the drugstore jar:
Summer rain on grey pavements.
(after Shiki)

On the porch
In my shorts;
Auto lights in the rain.

Another year
Has past-the world
Is no different.

The first thing I looked for
In my old garden was
The Cherry Tree.

My old desk:
The first thing I looked for
In my house.

My early journal:
The first thing I found
In my old desk.

My mother’s ghost:
The first thing I found
In the living room.

I quit shaving
But the eyes that glanced at me
Remained in the mirror.

The madman
Emerges from the movies:
The street at lunchtime.

Cities of boys
Are in their graves,
And in this town…

Lying on my side
In the void:
The breath in my nose.

On the fifteenth floor
The dog chews a bone-
Screech of taxicabs.

A hardon in New York,
A boy
In San Fransisco.

The moon over the roof,
Worms in the garden.
I rent this house.

[Haiku composed in the backyard cottage at 1624
Milvia Street, Berkeley 1955, while reading R. H.
Blyth’s 4 volumes, “Haiku.”]

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Haiku (Never Published)