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This evening, the sturdy Levi’s
I wore every day for over a year
& which seemed to the end
In perfect condition,
Suddenly tore.
How or why I don’t know,
But there it was: a big rip at the crotch.
A month ago my friend Nick
Walked off a racquetball court,
Got into this street clothes,
& halfway home collapsed & died.
Take heed, you who read this,
& drop to your knees now & again
Like the poet Christopher Smart,
& kiss the earth & be joyful,
& make much of your time,
& be kindly to everyone,
Even to those who do not deserve it.
For although you may not believe
It will happen,
You too will one day be gone,
I, whose Levi’s ripped at the crotch
For no reason,
Assure you that such is the case.
Pass it on.

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