309. Verses on Captain Grose

KEN ye aught o’ Captain Grose?-Igo, and ago,
If he’s amang his friends or foes?-Iram, coram, dago.

Is he to Abra’m’s bosom gane?-Igo, and ago,
Or haudin Sarah by the wame?-Iram, coram dago.

Is he south or is he north?-Igo, and ago,
Or drowned in the river Forth?-Iram, coram dago.

Is he slain by Hielan’ bodies?-Igo, and ago,
And eaten like a wether haggis?-Iram, coram, dago.

Where’er he be, the Lord be near him!-Igo, and ago,
As for the deil, he daur na steer him.-Iram, coram, dago.

But please transmit th’ enclosed letter,-Igo, and ago,
Which will oblige your humble debtor.-Iram, coram, dago.

So may ye hae auld stanes in store,-Igo, and ago,
The very stanes that Adam bore.-Iram, coram, dago,

So may ye get in glad possession,-Igo, and ago,
The coins o’ Satan’s coronation!-Iram coram dago.

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309. Verses on Captain Grose