Natural therapy

the great thing about the tall white daisy
Is that it knows how to laugh at itself

Some flowers for all their rich displays
Won’t preen themselves without a primness

In their sap – nor let their stalks abide
Bending this way that way in the thick wind

The large daisy is happy to be slapdash
Is not snooty about the company it keeps

It does have a flair for being noticed
It’s the way it lets its petals out (ragged

And not wanting everyone the same)
That appeals to nervous garden sufferers

(weary with pretending flowers per se are
God’s gift to the dull earth and somehow

The human race is privileged to be there)
The daisy knows everything there is to know

About not taking yourself too seriously – about
Relaxation and how to be naturally yogic

How to be part of the rough common stock
Yet have a whiff of the immortal about you

A patch of such daisies growing artlessly
Contains the dreams of all good health

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Natural therapy