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Humming-bird pie

the paiute indians had the bird sussed
A humming bird (loaded with seeds) set out
To see beyond the sun – it aimed to be frugal
Rationing itself to only one seed a day – even so
It ran out long before it meant to
It gave up (getting nowhere and seeing nothing) –

All of which rings a human bell or two
Such an ineffable fool – but look at its skills
Able to hover and fly backwards – aztec
And mayan gods associated with the bird
Judged to have such harmony and beauty
(a vibration of pure joy) mortals gobsmacked

Age stores its humming birds inside
Exotic memories hovering in the mind
Homages to a sun impossible to reach
Sleeplessly-stirred bright feathers parade
Their love charms – their essence of a self
Not truly sung yet tinged with paradise

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Poem Humming-bird pie - Rg Gregory