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The Gardener XLIV: Reverend Sir, Forgive

Reverend sir, forgive this pair of
Sinners. Spring winds to-day are
Blowing in wild eddies, driving dust
And dead leaves away, and with them
Your lessons are all lost.
Do not say, father, that life is a
For we have made truce with death
For once, and only for a few fragrant
Hours we two have been made immortal.
Even if the king’s army came and
Fiercely fell upon us we should sadly
Shake our heads and say, Brothers,
You are disturbing us. If you must
Have this noisy game, go and clatter
Your arms elsewhere. Since only for
A few fleeting moments we have been
Made immortal.
If friendly people came and flocked
Around us, we should humbly bow to
Them and say, This extravagant good
Fortune is an embarrassment to us.
Room is scarce in the infinite sky
Where we dwell. For in the spring-
Time flowers come in crowds, and the
Busy wings of bees jostle each other.
Our little heaven, where dwell only
We two immortals, is too absurdly

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Poem The Gardener XLIV: Reverend Sir, Forgive - Rabindranath Tagore