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The Gardener LXXXI: Why Do You Whisper So Faintly

Why do you whisper so faintly in
My ears, O Death, my Death?
When the flowers droop in the
Evening and cattle come back to their
Stalls, you stealthily come to my side
And speak words that I do not
Is this how you must woo and win
Me with the opiate of drowsy murmur
And cold kisses, O Death, my Death?
Will there be no proud ceremony
For our wedding?
Will you not tie up with a wreath
Your tawny coiled locks?
Is there none to carry your banner
Before you, and will not the night be
On fire with your red torch-lights,
O Death, my Death?
Come with your conch-shells sound-
Ing, come in the sleepless night.
Dress me with a crimson mantle,
Grasp my hand and take me.
Let your chariot be ready at my
Door with your horses neighing impatiently.
Raise my veil and look at my face
Proudly, O Death, my Death!

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Poem The Gardener LXXXI: Why Do You Whisper So Faintly - Rabindranath Tagore