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He Said To

crawl toward the machine guns
Except to freeze
For explosions and flares.
It was still ninety degrees
At night in North Carolina,
August, rain and all.
The tracer bullets wanted
Our asses, which we swore to keep
Down, and the highlight
Of this preposterous exercise
Was finding myself in mud
And water during flares. I
Hurried in the darkness
Over things and under things
To reach the next black pool
In time, and once
I lay in the cool salve that
So suited all I had become
For two light-ups of the sky.
I took one inside and one
Face of two watches I ruined
Doing things like that,
And made a watch that works.
From the combat
Infiltration course and
Common sense, I made a man
To survive the Army, which means
That I made a man to survive
Being a man.

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Poem He Said To - Marvin Bell