Psalm 77 part 2

Comfort derived from ancient providences.

“How awful is thy chast’ning rod!”
May thy own children say:
“The great, the wise, the dreadful God!
How holy is his way!”

I’ll meditate his works of old,
The King that reigns above;
I’ll hear his ancient wonders told,
And learn to trust his love.

Long did the house of Joseph lie
With Egypt’s yoke oppressed;
Long he delayed to hear their cry,
Or gave his people rest.

The sons of good old Jacob seemed
Abandoned to their foes;
But his almighty arm redeemed
The nation that he chose.

Isr’el, his people and his sheep,
Must follow where he calls;
He bade them venture through the deep,
And made the waves their walls.

The waters saw thee, mighty God!
The waters saw thee come;
Backward they fled, and frighted stood,
To make thine armies room.

Strange was thy journey through the sea
Thy footsteps, Lord, unknown;
Terrors attend the wondrous way
That brings thy mercies down.

[Thy voice, with terror in the sound,
Through clouds and darkness broke;
All heav’n in lightning shone around,
And earth with thunder shook.

Thine arrows through the skies were hurled;
How glorious is the Lord!
Surprise and trembling seized the world,
And his own saints adored.

He gave them water from the rock,
And safe, by Moses’ hand,
Through a dry desert led his flock
Home to the promised land.]

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Psalm 77 part 2