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Jeanne d'Arc Returns


What hast thou done, O womanhood of France,
Mother and daughter, sister, sweetheart, wife,
What hast thou done, amid this fateful strife,
To prove the pride of thine inheritance
In this fair land of freedom and romance?
I hear thy voice with tears and courage rife,
Smiling against the swords that seek thy life,
Make answer in a noble utterance:
“I give France all I have, and all she asks.
Would it were more! Ah, let her ask and take:
My hands to nurse her wounded, do her tasks,
My feet to run her errands through the dark,
My heart to bleed in triumph for her sake,
And all my soul to follow thee, Jeanne d’Arc!”

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Poem Jeanne d'Arc Returns - Henry Van Dyke