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1 am peering through blackness
2 am i feel your heart pounding
3 am your fingers running up my spine
4 am my beard between your breasts
5 am sun rising over the pyramid
6 am ordering coffee and toast
7 am showering together
8 am locking both suitcases
9 am spreading marmalade on bacon
10 am clouds gather over the street
11 am the sound of steamboats on the river
Noon black smoke from belching buses
1 pm gunshot heard in the desert
2 pm you tell me not to cry
3 pm at the Art Gallery not looking at portraits
4 pm eating ice-cream in the park
5 pm the drive to the airport
6 pm holding on to your passport
7 pm watching the DC10 climbing
8 pm falling asleep in the departure lounge
9 pm a taxi back to the city
10 pm the silence in the room
11 pm closing the curtain
Midnight will last for ever.

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Poem THE LAST TIME EVER - Gerald England