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Joy to have merited the Pain

Joy to have merited the Pain
To merit the Release
Joy to have perished every step
To Compass Paradise

Pardon to look upon thy face
With these old fashioned Eyes
Better than new could be for that
Though bought in Paradise

Because they looked on thee before
And thou hast looked on them
Prove Me My Hazel Witnesses
The features are the same

So fleet thou wert, when present
So infinite when gone
An Orient’s Apparition
Remanded of the Morn

The Height I recollect
‘Twas even with the Hills
The Depth upon my Soul was notched
As Floods on Whites of Wheels

To Haunt till Time have dropped
His last Decade away,
And Haunting actualize to last
At least Eternity

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Poem Joy to have merited the Pain - Emily Dickinson