I got so I could take his name

I got so I could take his name
Without Tremendous gain
That Stop-sensation on my Soul
And Thunder in the Room

I got so I could walk across
That Angle in the floor,
Where he turned so, and I turned how
And all our Sinew tore

I got so I could stir the Box
In which his letters grew
Without that forcing, in my breath
As Staples driven through

Could dimly recollect a Grace
I think, they call it “God”
Renowned to ease Extremity
When Formula, had failed

And shape my Hands
Petition’s way,
Tho’ ignorant of a word
That Ordination utters

My Business, with the Cloud,
If any Power behind it, be,
Not subject to Despair
It care, in some remoter way,
For so minute affair
As Misery
Itself, too vast, for interrupting more

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I got so I could take his name