I think to Live may be a Bliss

I think to Live may be a Bliss
To those who dare to try
Beyond my limit to conceive
My lip to testify

I think the Heart I former wore
Could widen till to me
The Other, like the little Bank
Appear unto the Sea

I think the Days could every one
In Ordination stand
And Majesty be easier
Than an inferior kind

No numb alarm lest Difference come
No Goblin on the Bloom
No start in Apprehension’s Ear,
No Bankruptcy no Doom

But Certainties of Sun
Midsummer in the Mind
A steadfast South upon the Soul
Her Polar time behind

The Vision pondered long
So plausible becomes
That I esteem the fiction real
The Real fictitious seems

How bountiful the Dream
What Plenty it would be
Had all my Life but been Mistake
Just rectified in Thee

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I think to Live may be a Bliss