Rhythm of Life

The clock is silent
Nowadays clocks no longer
Need to make
That rhythmic sound of life.

We have moved on
And everything is changed
I am no longer sad
I don’t weep for you.

In still moments
I see you solitary, reflective-
Running with the wind along the waterfront
With your Walkman on.

Radiowaves carry words
Of a song we shared
And I am free to smile
At the thought of you.

Big and handsome
The scent of you
Like a powerful beast lingers
Untamed by this world.

I know you still swim with dolphins
In the cold North Sea
I know you still laugh
And drink wine with friends.

I know you live by the seasons
And time is not your enemy,
The clock is silent
I don’t weep for you, I weep for me.

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Rhythm of Life