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Psalm of Those Who Go Forth Before Daylight

THE POLICEMAN buys shoes slow and careful;
The teamster buys gloves slow and careful;
They take care of their feet and hands;
They live on their feet and hands.

The milkman never argues;
He works alone and no one speaks to him;
The city is asleep when he is on the job;
He puts a bottle on six hundred porches and calls it a day’s work;
He climbs two hundred wooden stairways;
Two horses are company for him;
He never argues.

The rolling-mill men and the sheet-steel men are brothers of cinders;
They empty cinders out of their shoes after the day’s work;
They ask their wives to fix burnt holes in the knees of their trousers;
Their necks and ears are covered with a smut;
They scour their necks and ears;
They are brothers of cinders.

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Poem Psalm of Those Who Go Forth Before Daylight - Carl Sandburg