The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth
the vengeance; he shall wash his feet in
the blood of the wicked. Psalm 58

It was the fortieth year since Buchenwald: two thousand
Jewish refugees in Sudan starved while Reagan visited
The graves of Nazis. CBS paid off Westmoreland
For their rude disclosure of his lies and crimes:
He had killed thirty of the enemy, let’s not forget,
For every one lost us: he was owed something.
That year, though, no terrorist could touch God’s work
In Mexico and north of Bogota: an earthquake here,
Volcano there, and numbers do not signify the dead,
Each corpse incomprehensible as to the widow Klinghoffer
Her Leon, shot, dumped overboard as if to make a point.
Westmoreland said, the Viet Cong could be indentified
From the attacking aircraft as all personnel in uniform
Below. Their uniform, he told us, was the native dress.

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