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Once Hemingway
Sat across this bay
And touched the endless sea
The gulf-stretched sun
Guides everyone
Who dreams the dreams like he
Through the tropical heat
You can hear the beat
That sings God’s poetry
Just close your eyes
Beneath the bright skies
On beautiful Cabbage Key
And if by chance
The ospreys dance
Across the wind-filled sea
Their shrilling cry
Will be a lullaby
To intruders such as we
As the pelican flies
Before Apollo’s eyes
To skim infinity
The heartfelt bay
Beacons the waterway
To an isle unbound and free
Let the spirit bestow
A peaceful glow
Of natural harmony
And the heart will engage
Love’s rampage
Moored at Cabbage Key

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Poem CABBAGE KEY - Shawn Mcallister