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If people came to know where my king’s palace is, it would vanish
Into the air.
The walls are of white silver and the roof of shining gold.
The queen lives in a palace with seven courtyards, and she
Wears a jewel that cost all the wealth of seven kingdoms.
But let me tell you, mother, in a whisper, where my king’s
Palace is.
It is at the corner of our terrace where the pot of the tulsi
Plant stands.
The princess lies sleeping on the far-away shore of the seven
Impassable seas.
There is none in the world who can find her but myself.
She has bracelets on her arms and pearl drops in her ears; her
Hair sweeps down upon the floor.
She will wake when I touch her with my magic wand and jewels
Will fall from her lips when she smiles.
But let me whisper in your ear, mother; she is there in the
Corner of our terrace where the pot of the tulsi plant stands.
When it is time for you to go to the river for your bath, step
Up to that terrace on the roof.
I sit in the corner where the shadow of the walls meet
Only puss is allowed to come with me, for she know where the
Barber in the story lives.
But let me whisper, mother, in your ear where the barber in
The story lives.
It is at the corner of the terrace where the pot of the tulsi
Plant stands.

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