Waterfalls of Jack and a soft shoe shuffle

The following is based on true events:

(Part One)

493 guests were watching

People searching their Gmail
Flirting in chats, forums, MSN;
Service changes, east coast raiders
Just acquired
101,001 websites.

404 ERROR page not found

Five hammers and a counterfeit shekel
But I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express

In anticipation
Of their golden cow
Unix hats, cron jeans
Php bras, access denied!

Did you forget your roots?
Do you remember when there were just 3?
Then 4
I was number 17,099

Cluster 02 is out
Do you remember how we fretted
Feathers ruffled here and there
Words exchanged
Later regretted
Did a rooster come out on top?

But we’re still here

I brought proof of loyalship
I shared Samuel Adams
As techs crawled through
Dark motherboards and usb ports

Now it’s years of buddyship wasted
Like a hurricane called Katrina
I thought I saw
Jack and Jill tumble
Down a Kentucky mountain side

Migration: another outage
Ambiguous pretense
So what? so what?
Ask another day

All your hard work
Pouring down a cyber sewer
Did you forget to scream
At midnight?

You seem distraught
How about a shot of Jack
And a little soft shoe shuffle?

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Waterfalls of Jack and a soft shoe shuffle