Come With Me, I Said, And No One Knew (VII)

Come with me, I said, and no one knew
Where, or how my pain throbbed,
No carnations or barcaroles for me,
Only a wound that love had opened.

I said it again: Come with me, as if I were dying,
And no one saw the moon that bled in my mouth
Or the blood that rose into the silence.
O Love, now we can forget the star that has such thorns!

That is why when I heard your voice repeat
Come with me, it was as if you had let loose
The grief, the love, the fury of a cork-trapped wine

The geysers flooding from deep in its vault:
In my mouth I felt the taste of fire again,
Of blood and carnations, of rock and scald.

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Come With Me, I Said, And No One Knew (VII)