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I have tried an altenstil
& dropped it.
My skin is blazing,
Blazing too
The way I see your faces
In the glass.
With the circle of the sun
Behind me
I exceed my limits.
My garments are
From the beginning
& my dwelling place
Is in my self(J. Dee)
It makes me want
To fly the stars
Below the paradise of poets
Lost in space.
I am the father of a lie
I can make my mind
Go blank
Then paw at you
My fingers in
Your mouth.
I think of God
When fucking.
Is it wrong to pray
Without a hat
To reject the call
To grace? I long to flatter
Presidents & kings.
I long for manna.
I will be the first
To sail for home
The last to flaunt
My longings.
I will undo my garments
& stand before you
Naked. In winter
I will curse their god
& die.

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