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I can disown
No link.(R. Duncan)
I search the passage
Someone sends
& find a missal
Like a bone.
My hands are white with sweat.
I lay my burden down
The ground below me
The more my fingers ply
These keys the more
Words daunt me.
I am what a haunt
Averts, what you who once
Spoke from my dream
No longer tell.
The book is paradise.
An odor is a clue
To what was lost.
I seek & speak
Son of a father
With no home or heart.
I bantereed with a friend
That there are speeds
Beyond the speed
Of light.
I spun around.
The calculus of two
Plus two,
The mystery of
False attachments,
Still persists.
I settled for
A lesser light a circumstance
Found that my words
Rang true.

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Poem A MISSAL LIKE A BONE - Jerome Rothenberg