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I can scare children
As the Victorians aimed to do

Even on an August beach
Tell a fairy tale

One woven more cruel
Than castles turned to sand and

Washed into oblivion
By the evening tide

I can think a tale
In sea forests

Black haemorrhoid weed
Where pebbles become life form

Or unfortunates petrified
By the moon eyes of fish

Portents of doom
Cruel just as shell is

Made from the powdered
Bones of man

I may tell of anti-tides
That snatch at fool child toes

Those that venture further
Than where they are meant to go

Kids yanked open-mouthed
Into water babies

Minds maddened forever
In that perennial wilderness

I see your children Kingsley
Hans Christian Brothers Grimm

In silly striped
Or frilly costume

About to test
Their altered wills

With ghost ankles in the small surf
And imaginations bleeding

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Poem FAIRY TALE - Graham Burchell