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Weak but alive
Dying yet still alive
Huge eyes
Round like golf balls
White as bones
Bony framed
Pus in orifices
Teeth, white teeth
Skull and bones.
Am sorry for life
Oh this pain deeper than
Only death can save
My friend, I am sorry
That you pain
When you sleep, wake
Pain, blindness
Damn anguish – no thoughts emerge
When engulfed by pain
Such heart is dead
Am sorry;
Oh this life! A taboo
You will die so
Potstones thrown
In the garden of death.
The nurse is no artist
A greater artist has shown the nurse
An art of degeneration
A human form sculptured
By an ailment of our time
A thousand diseases in one.
And then these sufferings
There will be no heaven here…
Can’t eat – wounds in mouth
Cant pee – balls on fire
Weak and dizzy
As thin as bones – is bones
Skin and foul air
Do not pity –
There will be no heaven here
A body ravaged beyond…
When looking for hell
You will find it here.

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Poem THE GARDEN OF DEATH - Godfrey Mutiso Gorry