Legend of the Albino Farm

Omaha, Nebraska They do not sleep nights
But stand between

Rows of glowing corn and
Cabbages grown on acres past

The edge of the city.
Surrendered flags,

Their nightgowns furl and
Unfurl around their legs.

Only women could be this
White. Like mules,

They are sterile
And it appears that

Their mouths are always
Open. Because they are thin

As weeds, the albinos
Look hungry. If you drive out

To the farm, tree branches will
Point the way. No map will show

Where, no phone is listed.
It will seem that the moon, plump

Above their shoulders, is constant,
Orange as harvest all year

Long. We say, when a mother
Gives birth to an albino girl,

She feigns sleep after
Labor while an Asian

Man steals in, spirits
The pale baby away.

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Legend of the Albino Farm