Against Writing about Children

When I think of the many people
Who privately despise children,
I can’t say I’m completely shocked,

Having been one. I was not
Exceptional, uncomfortable as that is
To admit, and most children are not

Exceptional. The particulars of
Cruelty, sizes Large and X-Large,
Memory gnawing it like

A fat dog, are ordinary: Mean Miss
Smigelsky from the sixth grade;
The orthodontist who

Slapped you for crying out. Children
Frighten us, other people’s and
Our own. They reflect

The virused figures in which failure
Began. We feel accosted by their
Vulnerable natures. Each child turns

Into a problematic ocean, a mirrored
Body growing denser and more
Difficult to navigate until

Sunlight merely bounces
Off the surface. They become impossible
To sound. Like us, but even weaker.

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Against Writing about Children