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Who were "the Father and the Son&quot

Who were “the Father and the Son”
We pondered when a child,
And what had they to do with us
And when portentous told

With inference appalling
By Childhood fortified
We thought, at least they are no worse
Than they have been described.

Who are “the Father and the Son”
Did we demand Today
“The Father and the Son” himself
Would doubtless specify

But had they the felicity
When we desired to know.
We better Friends had been, perhaps,
Than time ensue to be

We start to learn that we believe
But once entirely
Belief, it does not fit so well
When altered frequently

We blush, that Heaven if we achieve
Event ineffable
We shall have shunned until ashamed
To own the Miracle

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Poem Who were "the Father and the Son&quot - Emily Dickinson