The Tint I cannot take is best

The Tint I cannot take is best
The Color too remote
That I could show it in Bazaar
A Guinea at a sight

The fine impalpable Array
That swaggers on the eye
Like Cleopatra’s Company
Repeated in the sky

The Moments of Dominion
That happen on the Soul
And leave it with a Discontent
Too exquisite to tell

The eager look on Landscapes
As if they just repressed
Some Secret that was pushing
Like Chariots in the Vest

The Pleading of the Summer
That other Prank of Snow
That Cushions Mystery with Tulle,
For fear the Squirrels know.

Their Graspless manners mock us
Until the Cheated Eye
Shuts arrogantly in the Grave
Another way to see

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The Tint I cannot take is best