The Birds reported from the South

The Birds reported from the South
A News express to Me
A spicy Charge, My little Posts
But I am deaf Today

The Flowers appealed a timid Throng
I reinforced the Door
Go blossom for the Bees I said
And trouble Me no More

The Summer Grace, for Notice strove
Remote Her best Array
The Heart to stimulate the Eye
Refused too utterly

At length, a Mourner, like Myself,
She drew away austere
Her frosts to ponder then it was
I recollected Her

She suffered Me, for I had mourned
I offered Her no word
My Witness was the Crape I bore
Her Witness was Her Dead

Thenceforward We together dwelt
I never questioned Her
Our Contract
A Wiser Sympathy

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The Birds reported from the South