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Severer Service of myself

Severer Service of myself
I hastened to demand
To fill the awful Vacuum
Your life had left behind

I worried Nature with my Wheels
When Hers had ceased to run
When she had put away Her Work
My own had just begun.

I strove to weary Brain and Bone
To harass to fatigue
The glittering Retinue of nerves
Vitality to clog

To some dull comfort Those obtain
Who put a Head away
They knew the Hair to
And forget the color of the Day

Affliction would not be appeased
The Darkness braced as firm
As all my stratagem had been
The Midnight to confirm

No Drug for Consciousness can be
Alternative to die
Is Nature’s only Pharmacy
For Being’s Malady

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Poem Severer Service of myself - Emily Dickinson