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It's thoughts and just One Heart

It’s thoughts and just One Heart
And Old Sunshine about
Make frugal Ones Content
And two or three for Company
Upon a Holiday
Crowded as Sacrament

Books when the Unit
Spare the Tenant long eno’
A Picture if it Care
Itself a Gallery too rare
For needing more

Flowers to keep the Eyes from going awkward
When it snows
A Bird if they prefer
Though Winter fire sing clear as Plover
To our ear

A Landscape not so great
To suffocate the Eye
A Hill perhaps
Perhaps the profile of a Mill
Turned by the Wind
Tho’ such are luxuries

It’s thoughts and just two Heart
And Heaven about
At least a Counterfeit
We would not have Correct
And Immortality can be almost
Not quite Content

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Poem It's thoughts and just One Heart - Emily Dickinson