I tend my flowers for thee

I tend my flowers for thee
Bright Absentee!
My Fuchsia’s Coral Seams
Rip while the Sower dreams

Geraniums tint and spot
Low Daisies dot
My Cactus splits her Beard
To show her throat

Carnations tip their spice
And Bees pick up
A Hyacinth I hid
Puts out a Ruffled Head
And odors fall
From flasks so small
You marvel how they held

Globe Roses break their satin glake
Upon my Garden floor
Yet thou not there
I had as lief they bore
No Crimson more

Thy flower be gay
Her Lord away!
It ill becometh me
I’ll dwell in Calyx Gray
How modestly alway
Thy Daisy
Draped for thee!

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I tend my flowers for thee