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By my Window have I for Scenery

By my Window have I for Scenery
Just a Sea with a Stem
If the Bird and the Farmer deem it a “Pine”
The Opinion will serve for them

It has no Port, nor a “Line” but the Jays
That split their route to the Sky
Or a Squirrel, whose giddy Peninsula
May be easier reached this way

For Inlands the Earth is the under side
And the upper side is the Sun
And its Commerce if Commerce it have
Of Spice I infer from the Odors borne

Of its Voice to affirm when the Wind is within
Can the Dumb define the Divine?
The Definition of Melody is
That Definition is none

It suggests to our Faith
They suggest to our Sight
When the latter is put away
I shall meet with Conviction I somewhere met
That Immortality

Was the Pine at my Window a “Fellow
Of the Royal” Infinity?
Apprehensions are God’s introductions
To be hallowed accordingly

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Poem By my Window have I for Scenery - Emily Dickinson