A Tongue to tell Him I am true!

A Tongue to tell Him I am true!
Its fee to be of Gold
Had Nature in Her monstrous House
A single Ragged Child

To earn a Mine would run
That Interdicted Way,
And tell Him Charge thee speak it plain
That so far Truth is True?

And answer What I do
Beginning with the Day
That Night begun
Nay Midnight ’twas
Since Midnight happened say

If once more Pardon Boy
The Magnitude thou may
Enlarge my Message If too vast
Another Lad help thee

Thy Pay in Diamonds be
And His in solid Gold
Say Rubies if He hesitate
My Message must be told

Say last I said was This
That when the Hills come down
And hold no higher than the Plain
My Bond have just begun

And when the Heavens disband
And Deity conclude
Then look for me. Be sure you say
Least Figure on the Road

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A Tongue to tell Him I am true!