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A Prison gets to be a friend

A Prison gets to be a friend
Between its Ponderous face
And Ours a Kinsmanship express
And in its narrow Eyes

We come to look with gratitude
For the appointed Beam
It deal us stated as our food
And hungered for the same

We learn to know the Planks
That answer to Our feet
So miserable a sound at first
Nor ever now so sweet

As plashing in the Pools
When Memory was a Boy
But a Demurer Circuit
A Geometric Joy

The Posture of the Key
That interrupt the Day
To Our Endeavor Not so real
The Check of Liberty

As this Phantasm Steel
Whose features Day and Night
Are present to us as Our Own
And as escapeless quite

The narrow Round the Stint
The slow exchange of Hope
For something passiver Content
Too steep for lookinp up

The Liberty we knew
Avoided like a Dream
Too wide for any Night but Heaven
If That indeed redeem

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Poem A Prison gets to be a friend - Emily Dickinson