( A Poem in Remembrance)

Bhaskar Roy Barman


A black, snub-nosed bitch, a jaw shoved out,

Your eyes throwing forward a wrinkled reproachful look,

Your fur so brindled as to give one to understand

You were not pure,

Receded into oblivion.

Suddenly you intruded into our memory

When we were observing the third death anniversary

Of our Father.

About this time three years ago

Father was admitted to the hospital

Believed to be a gateway to the abode of Death-

He had suffered a stroke at the machination of a Death-messenger.

Wifely-sonly-daughterly duties marshaled us

Round his bed in the hospital.

No one had enjoined upon you the dogly duty

To be on guard over the house.

We completely forgot about you;

We forgot you have appetite to appease.

We enjoyed staying in the hospital

And doing our duties turn by turn by our Father,

For it turned out pleasant

Eating in one of the hotels that mushroomed around the hospital

To cater to the needs of relatives of the patients

Admitted to the hospitals.

Over the seven days we stayed in the hospital

You had guarded our house lest a thief break into it.

Hunger had not deterred you from your dogly dutty

No neighbour had given you food.

When we brought home Father dead

You gave us mute solace,

Then succumbed to hunger.

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