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Bhaskar Roy Barman

As does the Great River

On to the sea and back

To the matted hair of Lord Shiva,

On flows the life-stream

Adorned with ornaments,

As is a newly-wed couple.

Following on the footprints of the Great River

That leaves nonchalantly behind

A good many water-drops

Evaporating midway through

And mingling with the clouds,

The life-stream does not mind

About as many human drops bowing out,

Stripped of their embellishments

They once prided themselves on.

One of the human drops bowing out

Was a friend of mine, succumbing

To the excessive love of his wife

And to his in-laws feigning it.

His father, as if to mock his son,

Sustained himself much father in the flow

Less loved by his wife

By his in-laws the least.

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Poem DROPS OF A STREAM - Bhaskar Roy Barman