Vacant Lot With Pokeweed

Tufts, follicles, grubstake
Biennial rosettes, a low-
Life beach-blond scruff of
Couch grass: notwithstanding
The interglinting dregs

Of wholesale upheaval and
Dismemberment, weeds do not
Hesitate, the wheeling
Rise of the ailanthus halts
At nothing-and look! here’s

A pokeweed, sprung up from seed
Dropped by some vagrant, that’s
Seized a foothold: a magenta-
Girdered bower, gazebo twirls
Of blossom rounding into

Raw-buttoned, garnet-rodded
Fruit one more wayfarer
Perhaps may salvage from
The season’s frittering,
The annual wreckage.

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Vacant Lot With Pokeweed