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Agapanthus – african lily

[from agape (love); anthus (flower)]

You may not be willing to notice me
I have an awkward sense of myself
My name can be hard on the tongue
I do not grow easily in places
Where the sun only fitfully appears

I’ve come a long way northwards
Gardens do not flatter my needs
I am a shy sheltered plant – my leaves
First come above the earth slowly
Serpenting about tasting the air

Then my stalks flex tentatively
Skywards uncertain of grace – people
Walk by me curiously expecting dis-
Appointment when my flowers deign
To curtsey boorishly into the light

They ignore i’m agape not eros
My passion is a mute kind of longing
A fund of good-feeling – i blend
Much more than possess (respect
Distance) bestow rather than demand

My flowers voice outwards – trumpets
Toned down to temper their height
My scores are obliged to be gentle
I use only circumspect colours
Love is better for not being showy

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Poem Agapanthus – african lily - Rg Gregory