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The Two Friends

AXIOCHUS, a handsome youth of old, And Alcibiades, (both gay and bold,) So well agreed, they kept a beauteous belle, […]

The Progress Of Wit

DIVERTING in extreme there is a play, Which oft resumes its fascinating sway; Delights the sex, or ugly, fair, or […]

The Monks Of Catalonia

TO you, my friends, allow me to detail, The feats of monks in Catalonia’s vale, Where oft the holy fathers […]

The Impossible Thing

A DEMON, blacker in his skin than heart, So great a charm was prompted to impart; To one in love, […]


IN Eastern climes, by means considered new; The Mount’s old-man, with terrors would pursue; His large domains howe’er were not […]

The Case Of Conscience

THOSE who in fables deal, bestow at ease Both names and titles, freely as they please. It costs them scarcely […]

Sister Jane

WHEN Sister Jane, who had produced a child, In prayer and penance all her hours beguiled Her sister-nuns around the […]

St. Julian's Prayer

TO charms and philters, secret spells and prayers, How many round attribute all their cares! In these howe’er I never […]

The Mandrake

FLORENTINE we now design to show; A greater blockhead ne’er appeared below; It seems a prudent woman he had wed, […]

The Truckers

THE change of food enjoyment is to man; In this, t’include the woman is my plan. I cannot guess why […]

The Muleteer

THE Lombard princes oft pervade my mind; The present tale Boccace relates you’ll find; Agiluf was the noble monarch’s name; […]

The Pitcher

THE simple Jane was sent to bring Fresh water from the neighb’ring spring; The matter pressed, no time to waste, […]

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